Sean Maingot | Cancer Survivor & Celebrity Trainer

"We believe Sean is a champion man because of his ability to fight life's challenges and using his lessons to help others how to do the same."

A survivor of cancer and co-founder of Body By Chosen & their non-profit Mentorship By Chosen. Sean is a shining example of positive perseverance and now helps celebrities and influencers find their inner champion through their bodies.


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Charity Mentorship By Chosen

What Does It Mean To Be A Champion Man?

To be a champion man means to never give up, to stay true to your beliefs even when others may try to lead you astray.

What Key Values Do You Live By?

I honestly try to treat every human being as an equal whether they are homeless on the street or a CEO of a corporation.

What Daily Habits Developed Your Inner Champion Most? 

Everyday I try to be a better version of myself. I don't have a routine or any magic tricks. Life throws so many different things at you on a daily basis. Over time you'll notice, if you really work at it, how you deal with situations and people will improve and I think that makes you a champion.

What Did You Learn From Your Biggest Challenges In Life?

I've learned everyday is a gift. Nothing on this planet is to be taken for granted, and every single day you can make a difference.


Sean co-founded Body By Chosen back in 2009 in a tough personal training industry. Body By Chosen has grown a cult following in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Since surviving cancer his mission is to prevent disease through increasing health awareness through training. He prides himself in his ability to make training fun.

He loves kids and believes they are our future. His non-profit Mentorship By Chosen does the on the ground real work with children providing them an example of perseverance, work ethic and goal setting. A powerful, humble presence.

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