Graham Young | Keynote Speaker

"We believe Graham is a champion man because of his pursuit towards optimizing human performance while contributing to his community."  

Graham helps others and organizations consistently achieve their goals using cutting edge, scientifically backed methods that transform the brain and body. He has written for TIME, Entrepreneur, Fast Company & Entrepreneur Magazines, to name a few.


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What Does It Mean To Be A Champion Man?


What Key Values Do You Live By?


What Daily Habits Developed Your Inner Champion Most? 


What Did You Learn From Your Biggest Challenges In Life?


Any Books, Apps or Websites You'd Recommend To Men?



One of the aspects of Graham that stand out to us most is his commitment to his #1 value - family.

"I do what I do to help others perform at their highest level, so they can live the life they desire and provide for their family."

Graham helps individuals, organizations and audiences break through the mental blocks & habits that are holding them back from consistently achieving their goals. He equips them with practical strategies that optimize their mind, body and sales process so they can perform at their peak everyday. 

He is Director of Sales for the technology company RESAAS, a Keynote Speaker and also writes in Fast Company, TIME, Business Insider and Entrepreneur magazine on the topic of sales and human performance in business.

His 17-year career in sales includes working as a sales management consultant with Microsoft and consistently achieving over 100% of quota with multiple technology companies. Successfully selling technology to Fortune 500’s, government, municipal and educational markets while receiving President Club Awards along the way.

Running his own consulting business he conducted corporate and sales training to Fortune 500 companies, spoke to audiences of 500+ people and is a registered TEC Canada Speaker.

Graham's work has been featured on CTV News, the New York Post and shared by leaders like Tony Robbins. He is also the coordinator of the Vancouver Basket Brigade, which feeds families in need during the holidays.

He is passionate about helping organizations positively impact the world and learning about the psychology and neuroscience behind peak human and sales performance. 

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