Emmanuel Jal | Recording Artist | Activist | Actor

"We believe Emmanuel is a champion man because of his example of forgiveness and unending contribution to increasing social consciousness."

As a former warchild survivor, he inspires everyone who experiences his art, teachings and presence. A multi talented recording artist, peace activist, actor and entrepreneur.


Instagram @emmanueljal
Twitter @emmanueljal
Hashtag #WeWantPeace 
Charity Gua Africa

What Does It Mean To Be A Champion Man?

"A champion man is one who unites their mind and heart to do something that can have a positive global impact."

What Key Values Do You Live By?


What Daily Habits Developed Your Inner Champion Most? 


What Did You Learn From Your Biggest Challenges In Life?


Any Books, Apps or Websites You'd Recommend To Men?




Emmanuel is a real champion man. He survived a bloody civil war in South Sudan which he lost his family. At 8 years old he was forced into the army learning how operate an AK-47 that was taller than him. While horrifyingly being taught to kill as a child soldier, Emmanuel began his inner battle to find peace.

He would tell himself every day “I will be part of a solution”. That day came when he was rescued and fled to Kenya where his love for music began. Since then, he’s turned his life around by healing his wounds from childhood and now is an international hip-hop artist, peace activist, entrepreneur and teacher of the tools he discovered to help himself find inner freedom and success. He is a true inspiration to anyone who thinks their challenges are too great to overcome. 

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