Ramsey Aburaneh | Big Brother Canada

"We believe Ramsey is a champion man because of his commitment to growing personally and within his craft."

He received his first crack at national exposure via Big Brother Canada. What we notice most about Ramsey is how clear his values are as he chose to leave the limelight of TV to support his family in crisis.

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Twitter @ramseybbcan

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Ramsey joined Big Brother Canada Season 4 as a house guest and showed signs of progressing far in the reality TV program where a $100,000 prize is on the line. But the story took an unfortunate turn for him as he received news that his father became ill and required surgery.

He chose family over continued national exposure which can lure many into sacrificing their values. But not Ramsey. It was an easy decision for him to remove himself from the TV show and support his family.

We believe Ramsey is a champion man on the rise and will be rooting for his success in his personal life and career. His charismatic personality coupled with his strong value system serves as a great example for all young men who want to become the best they can be.

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