Meet Our Champion Men Featured In:



To the golden heart of a champion man; the true men of gold who stand for something. To the men who heal the wounds of their fathers and their father’s father’s. The champion men who hold the torch of a new era of manhood that serves our world for future generations.

To the men who are unaffected by our changing globe.

We shine light on you so the world can see an example of what can be, of what will be.

Standing in the eye of the storm, he knows his strengths and his weaknesses and what is most important to him.

We salute your courage, your bravery. Better men help make a better world. It needs you.

He knows himself. He knows his truth. He knows the enemy others call “fear”, is just an illusion.

Let us not be held down by our gender’s history of fearful acts on ourselves, our children and women. Let’s pick ourselves up. We gotta get that dirt off our shoulder and uncover our golden nature of strength, courage and unity.

The time is now to lift up your fellow brothers so they too can find their inner champion.

And to women: We need you. We ask you to speak more of the good men, the champion men. Tell a man you believe in him. He may not admit it, but he needs it.

Rise up! Abide in your rightful place of compassionate strength and focus on being your best today. Do it for yourself, those you love and those who are watching.