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Akhil Patel MD | Healthcare Innovator

"We believe Akhil is a champion man because of his compassionate dedication to solving one of the most challenging healthcare issues."

As an Internal Medicine physician, what stands out most about Akhil is his passion for solving systemic healthcare problems and his attitude to serve those in need.


What Does It Mean To Be A Champion Man?

"To me a champion man is someone who strives to achieve the best version of himself. I may not ever achieve that, but the pursuit of excellence keeps me motivated."

What Key Values Do You Live By?

"Two values I live by are 'hell on earth is to meet the man I could have been' and 'Inspect what you expect'. 

What Daily Habits Developed Your Inner Champion Most? 

"Being an early riser and seizing the day. Also, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health has really helped me."

What Did You Learn From Your Biggest Challenges In Life?

"In life, one can do anything just not everything."

Any Books, Apps or Websites You'd Recommend To Men?

"The classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill".



Staying healthy and feeling your best is what Akhil wants most for his patients. He's dedicated to creating solutions that empower the aging population to increase their quality of life. These are challenging issues that Akhil shows great courage and strength to tackle. He's a true champion man.

His compassion for others is inspiring to witness. Dr. Patel has earned many awards and held numerous leadership positions in local and national medical committees.

Akhil is a board certified Internal Medicine physician who earned his medical degree at the University of Florida at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. He then went on to complete Internal Medicine Residency at the University of South Florida.

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