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Granville Mayers | Fitness World Record Holder

"We believe Granville is a champion man because of his dedication to growth and excellence in sport, fatherhood and self development."

What people closest to Granville notice most is his dedication to fatherhood. Next is how he inspires others to reach that next level of what is possible. He is the world record holder for bench press in his category.

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What Key Values Do You Live By?


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What Did You Learn From Your Biggest Challenges In Life?


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Since 2002 Granville has been creating workout programs to transform peoples lives while keeping it fun and enjoyable. His goal is to have his clients look forward to the next workout class. He's coined the acronym SSN (Social Support Network) because he believes more is possible with the support of others - and it shows with the results his clients experience. 

He's value system is most inspiring. As a proud father he's committed to being the best role model he can be. Walking into his office is like strolling through the self development and business sections of a bookstore. He's committed to his own growth in a way that inspires all that have a chance to work with him. 

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