A Luxury Sneaker Label That Helps Men Find Their Inner Champion. 

1. Sneaker Design & Brand Messaging

Purpose Infused In Every Step. 

Every sneaker we create and every word we use is carefully designed to inspire you to find your inner champion. That's why we’re founded on principles of unwavering quality standards and all of our sneakers are handcrafted by Italian artisans, because every shoe we create embodies the spirit of a champion. The heart of a champion is poured into every detail from the symbols, to the materials to the corners we don’t cut, because we believe champions are born one step at a time.

Uomo D'oro means "man of gold" in Italian, chosen to remind you of the golden man you are with every step you take in life, and in our shoes. We know it's a grand task, which will make it even more rewarding when we accomplish the goal.

2. Celebrating Champion Men

We believe better men are part of a better world. Every man has an inner champion waiting to be revealed. Our world needs to celebrate and acknowledge the men who are living their lives with strength, compassion, truth and meaning. We believe in the power of examples. That’s why we are dedicated to shining a light on the true men of gold for others to be inspired by.

Being a champion isn’t just about trophies and wealth, although it could be. It’s about remembering our true golden nature. Being a champion happens in thousands of small moments from practicing a layup to opening the door for a  woman. It’s more about how we handle adversity and what we learn from it. It’s about discovering what’s important to you and living your life based on that. What does it mean to you?

Champions are formed in the details.

3. Developing Young Men Into Champions

We can't do it alone. Your sneaker helps enroll a young man into a life-changing 2-year program. 10% of profits will be donated to Youth Guidance's Becoming A Man® program. 

Beyond our shared values and passion for the necessary inner work, this program simply works. In its 15 year history, the BAM program has received many accolades, including high praise from former President Barack Obama. 

Learn more about our partnership here.