Lace Up For Fall In Man Of Gold Fashion.

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Handcrafted In Italy With Unwavering Quality Standards.

From the painted leather edges on the toe's gold leather accent, to the precise design lines and the painted leather edges on the tongue deep inside the shoe that only you can see, our generational Italian artisans have stepped into a new level of excellence.

Italian Artisan Working - Uomo D'oro.jpg

Gold Plated Brass Crown.

After searching and finding the right manufacturer to create your crown, it took innovative thinking and 3 prototypes to get the form and function just right for this unique style element. 


Reverse Stitching Technology

Refined and subtle. That's how we'd describe the look of the seams. All the attention is on the carefully selected materials on this one of a kind shoe.

Seams and Gold leather accent - Uomo D'oro.jpg

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Product Details

Gold-Plated Brass Victory Crown

The goal of this design was to create a shoe that was a symbol of the inner champion in every man. The focal design element is the champions crown. A gold plated brass crown that wraps around the ankle. This was persistently designed and tested for beauty and function.

Your Goal Inscribed

Customize your Uomo D'oro shoe with your inscribed goal on the inside of the tongue for you to see every time you lace up. 

Carefully Selected Italian Nubuck Leather

Italian nubuck leather was carefully selected for visual depth and softness - delicately treated for a one of a kind look for each pair. It's like no other. In contrast to the matte nubuck upper, smooth perforated calf skin leather adorns the wrap-around tongue.

No-Lace-Hole Lacing System 

The materials and craftsmanship are center stage in this design. A no-lace-hole lacing system, minimal seam lines and blind stitching all play a part. We want you to enjoy every inch of the sumptuous leather I have chosen for you.

Matte Black Ionized Metal

The lace tips are made of ionized metal (in production) with a matte black finish that stylistically weigh down the laces for a clean, consistent look every time you lace up.

Hand Painted

Each shoe has a small gold metallic strip of leather uniting the leather panels. This accent of leather's edges are hand painted for a polished look. It symbolizes the value of unity that a true champion man possesses and continues to develop.

Consistently Firm Look

The tongue stays in place with an elastic band to keep your look firm and consistent. The edges of the tongue inside of the shoe are hand painted for a polished look everywhere you look in this shoe.

Today I Am A Champion

Inside the tongue you'll find the phrase "Today I Am A Champion" as a reminder every time you step into this special pair of shoes. I will also hand inscribe your personal 2019 goal inside the tongue. Each step you take will remind you of your golden nature and help keep you focused.